Level 3 is Now CenturyLink


CenturyLink understands the power of the digital world is related to our customers’ specific needs – that life is powered by connections, and business is connections. By combining Level 3 and CenturyLink, consumers and businesses alike will benefit from expanded network reach and capabilities with a renewed commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience.

Constantly evolving business challenges are the reality for enterprises today.  Those challenges raise the expectations of IT – which often bring new opportunity.  But with opportunity comes more complexity, more decision makers, more risks, and, ultimately, more demands on your network. 

The new CenturyLink can help you capitalize on those opportunities.

  • Extensive local reach with significant local presence
  • Reliable connections when, where, and how you need them
  • Best-in-class network security, with scale that allows us to see more traffic and proactively thwart potential threats before they become security breaches
  • An expanded portfolio of innovative adaptive technology solutions for choice and control
  • Access to talented employees and partners 
  • Financial strength providing more resources for the business
  • A relentless focus on the customer experience with an unwavering commitment to your success

Your connections are imperative. You need an agile, efficient and secure networking environment to answer the call of digital transformation. And you expect an exceptional customer experience delivered by a genuine team of people committed to your business’ success. 

Connect with the new CenturyLink. Your link to what’s next.

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