If you’re already a customer of CenturyLink, Level 3 Communications, or both, here are answers to some questions you might have regarding what this acquisition means for you and your services. Don’t see what you’re looking for on this page? All your account support teams and usual methods of contacting us have not changed, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.  

Frequently asked questions

  • How will the acquisition benefit my business?

    The new CenturyLink offers our customers a broader and more complementary range of services and solutions. We have extensive global reach with significant local presence and a comprehensive suite of adaptive networking solutions that offer reliable, flexible connections – when, where and how you need them.
  • Are CenturyLink and Level 3 going to continue operating side by side, or merge together? 

    We begin operating as one company effective at the close of the deal, November 1, 2017; however, the full integration of the two companies will take place over the coming months. Starting immediately, you will see CenturyLink branding in place of former Level 3 logos, signs, etc...
  • What does this mean for me as of today?

    Good news: There are minimal, if any, changes to the way you currently use and access your services and resources. The changes you may encounter if you are a Level 3 customer include hearing CenturyLink messaging when you call us, or seeing CenturyLink branding on the MyLevel3 portal, but you’ll continue to log into your account as before. 

    In addition to keeping the day-to-day simple for you, we have aligned the new company around your needs – we are intensely focused on your experience as a customer. We will notify you of any changes that may be made in the future. A seamless customer experience is our priority. 
  • Who is supporting my account(s) now?

    You can continue to rely on your current representatives, whether they are CenturyLink or Level 3 or both. All your usual methods of contacting us remain the same. Note that Level 3 email addresses have changed to @centurylink.com, but the @level3.com addresses will still work. We do encourage you to update your address book. 
  • What if I have accounts with both companies?

    Please continue to work with the same account teams on either side. There may be instances where your account teams collaborate on comprehensive solutions. In most cases, CenturyLink products and services should be ordered through a CenturyLink contract and from the CenturyLink account team, and likewise for Level 3.

    Most importantly, we are all now part of the same team, building a new CenturyLink, and we have designed our organization around you, our customer. 

  • Will my bill look different Will I receive separate bills if I'm a customer of both companies?

    There will be no immediate changes to your bill format, aside from new logos in some instances. If you are served by both former companies, you will continue to receive two bills, one from each company for their respective services. If there are any changes in the future, we will let you know in advance. 
  • What new products or services are available to me now?

    Some of the immediate benefits you’ll see from us are expanded network reach, robust local presence in the U.S., access to an evolving portfolio of cloud and managed IT services and leading cybersecurity protections. Please reach out to your account teams to see how our combined portfolio can better serve your business needs, and stay tuned as we continue to bring the benefits of the combined companies to market. 
  • Does this change my rates?

    Rates will not change as a result of the transaction. Pricing and all other terms and conditions of your existing contract(s) with CenturyLink and Level 3 in effect at the time of the close of the acquisition will be honored for the remaining term of each contract. 
  • Does the combination of the two companies affect the network diversity I'd previously designed?

    We do not anticipate any immediate or near-term changes that could affect your current networking design – including redundancy. It takes time and very careful planning to review complementary and overlapping assets, networks and services. If any network changes are implemented that may affect your diversity designs, we will proactively notify you and design alternative diversity plans with you. Our priority for your diversity needs is to deliver a strong, transparent partnership that provides you reliable connectivity. 
  • What should I expect as CenturyLink integrates the former companies?

    Both CenturyLink and Level 3 have been through prior mergers over the years, and we have leveraged our collective experience in planning for the combination of our companies. We’ve designed the integration of our companies to minimize changes to the way you do business with us and are committed to maintaining that throughout the process. Our passionate, talented team is relentlessly focused on delivering you a great customer experience. 

    For your part, that means continuing to work with us just as you did before. In the future, if there are any changes to your services, we’ll be sure to notify you in advance. If you have service with both former companies, both account contacts will remain in place until a seamless transition can occur. In the meantime, know that your needs are our top priority. 
  • How will the integration of the Customer portals (Control Center and MyLevel3) affect the functionality of those platforms?

    In the near term, there will be no change in functionality to Control Center or MyLevel3. 
  • Which portal should I use to manage my services?

    If you purchased services from either company before the merger, you will continue to use your current portal (Control Center and/or MyLevel3) to view, manage and modify services. For services purchased after the merger, the portal you use will depend on the service. (Your account team or customer care representative can direct you to the right portal.)